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Welcome to The American Hockey Alliance

We've Heard You Loud and Clear!

Now You Have a Choice

Having Choices is the American Way

"An ALLIANCE is a relationship among people, groups, organizations, associations, or leagues that have joined together for mutual benefit or to achieve a common purpose"

Are you are looking for a new and better hockey experience? Now you have a choice. We're looking for players, coaches, officials, leagues, associations, teams, rink programs and partners to come join us! 

The American Hockey Alliance (AHA) is a NEW dynamic national membership organization serving the sport of hockey. We've removed top-heavy layers of administration with a focus on serving you, the member, and reducing the costs of participation.

AHA aims to:

  • serve hockey players from youth to adults
  • simplify administrative processes
  • reduce member downtime
  • reduce membership cost
  • remove friction that limits opportunities to play
  • respond to its members’ needs
  • provide unequaled excellence in hockey resources and support at reduced prices

The AHA is not a National Governing Body (NGB). We are not affiliated with the US Olympic / Paralympic Committee. We do not operate and / or financially support US national teams and / or US Olympic teams. We are focused on growing the game!

Check us out. What do you have to lose?

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Come join us!

Whether you’re a player, coach, official, association, league representative, team representative, rink or facility manager, sign up now to receive details and announcements about the AHA, and ENTER TO WIN valuable prizes from Verbero Equipment Company and our other partners!

The prize drawing will be held June 30th.

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